About 5 years ago, Summer and I sat in a small living room with a few friends, a couple of kids and some family. We were flowing in and out of some spontaneous/prophetic worship when my friend began to prophesy.

He began to describe a vision he was having.

In the vision, he saw the street signs of downtown Fort Worth. He heard the sound of our worship echoing throughout the city. He heard the sound of high praise and prophetic song.

It was the sound of ones set free.

As the sound rose, water began to come up from the ground and flood the streets. Not long after, downtown Fort Worth was completely under water. It was an outpouring of His presence.

We began to weep because of how deeply this word resonated in our spirits. The very thing we felt assigned to do had just kicked us in the womb so to speak. He prophetically described a dream Summer and I had been carrying for many years.

Here we are 5 years later and we believe we are starting to see the beginning signs of this vision coming to pass. We get the honor of leading worship at a church here in DFW that is in relentless pursuit of the Father’s presence and power. We believe that we are about to experience a move of God in our city like never before. We believe that the deep wells of revival are about to be unleashed and the water is going to rise and flood our city.

We believe that the time is now. 2017 is the year of Breakthrough and we have great expectation for what is to come.

We look forward to partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing the Sound of One Set Free.

About Chris & Summer Shealy

For Chris & Summer Shealy, worship is breathing. Whether at home, lost in God’s presence together or on the platform leading a congregation into an intimate encounter, these two live in constant pursuit of the Father’s heart. Soundcheck and rehearsal are not very different than the worship service– God is present and good and glorious, and everything is worship.

You can connect with them here: www.chrisandsummershealy.com




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