Chris set his guitar aside and knelt on the platform. Summer stood near him, eyes closed, hands extended outward to each side. The look on her face told me she wasn’t really with us right now. No doubt she was in the throne room of heaven. Seeing. Hearing. Being.

Chris was singing. His microphone was still above him on the stand, but he sang anyway. Standing near the front as I do, I could hear bits and pieces of his song. Spontaneous. Flow. Eruption.

“Holy, holy.
Holy are you.”

They are our worship pastors.

Most of the other musicians played on. Their sound surging with rhythm and energy, dynamically rising and falling like waves crashing in on the shore. Harmony and texture and thunder and dance.

Around me there were other voices. Male and female. Old and young. Each voice that joined the song brought something different. I heard melodies of thankfulness. Some sang desperate cries of dependence. Others meditated on majesty. I heard lyrics like “Holy” and “Good” and “Worthy” and “Thank you” weaving about the room like a tapestry of sound waves. Some sat and some stood and some lifted their hands and others lay face down on the floor. There were tears and there was laughter.

No words on the screen. Just the redeemed of the Lord singing their song. Each expression rising from the individual story of Jesus’ great redeeming grace, each individual melody a response to his glory.

But together there was this sound. An impossible sound without each individual contribution. But a sound beyond any individual voice or experience. The song of the redeemed.

And the incense of our worship rises to the throne as a sweet fragrance to the One who is Worthy.

Let it rise.

About Alan Smith

Alan Smith is Senior Pastor, along with his wife Nancy, of Catch the Fire DFW. Previously he was Pastor of Freedom Ministries at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Alan is the author of Unveiled: The Transforming Power of God’s Presence and Voice, as well as co-author with Nancy of Finding the One: Thinking Differently About Choosing a Spouse. Connect @AlanSmithOnline




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