Worship is one of the most beautiful and powerful things I have ever experienced.
Frequently between different churches, and even inside churches, there can be conflicts or even theological disputes about some aspect of what we believe. But worship has the strength to bring us together.

No matter what issues you may have with each other (or even in your own heart), in THAT moment while entering into the courts of the King to bow at His feet and worship Him, every wall is broken down and we can truly worship together and have our lives changed as brothers and sisters in Christ, because without Him, there is no point.

But worship doesn’t just stop there; it is a lifestyle. Worship isn’t just the time at the beginning of a church service where you sing some songs. In church, it is a time to unite with other believers to draw near to God, because He is waiting, arms wide open, to take a hold of us and capture our hearts again.

Worship reaches out SO much more than just inside a church building on a Sunday morning. Worship is a lifestyle: reaching from one on one moments between you and God to how you act outside of the church building. In a worship service we proclaim our love and praise to the Father, but when we leave are our actions pointing towards the Lord?

That right there is worship: honoring our Savior Jesus Christ in every single thing we do.

He’s waiting for you.

No matter if you’re at school, work, or even in the car, enter into a moment of worship with the Lord. Your whole life could change in a heartbeat.

As James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” He is reaching out to every single one of us, yearning for our hearts to get even closer to Him. Grab a hold of His hand and jump in even farther to the love He has for you.

About Benja Daniel

Benja is the youngest member of the Uproar Music Collective. He is 17 and plays electric guitar for Grace Community Church in Arlington.




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