It is a beautiful, profound experience to join with others to sing and dance and worship the Lord. These worship gatherings, whether in auditoriums, churches or living rooms, are fuel to God’s purposes in cities around the world. In the daily moments of our individual lives, though, there are even more opportunities for worship to flow.

Worship is not only a song or an overt expression of praise. Worship happens in the depths of reality, among real pain and joy, real losses and real victories. Sometimes worship is a simple act of obedience. It’s willingness to be inconvenienced to love someone like Jesus loves them. It’s the courage to keep moving forward, to keep trusting God in the midst of pain. Worship is faithfulness in the small things that God has given you to steward. It’s responding to the gentle whisper of Holy Spirit with generosity or encouragement towards another. It is saying yes to the Lord, again and again, when you understand and when you don’t.

Throughout 1 and 2 Samuel we read the story of David, the man after God’s own heart. The psalms he wrote, which still give us hope today, were written amidst his real life circumstances told to us in these two books. Time after time, through his fulfillments and his failures, David’s life exemplified honesty, vulnerability, trust and worship.

In a moment full of great devastation and grief, 1 Samuel 30:6 says, “…David strengthened himself in the Lord his God” (NKJV). It doesn’t tell us how, but I imagine he strengthened himself by reminding himself, even in his worst moment, that God had been faithful, and He would be again. This act of encouraging himself was worship to the Lord.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in today, know that every moment of your life lived in response to the Lord is worship. The Lord finds His delight as much in your individual yes and your faithfulness as He does in the passionate songs we sing together.

About Michelle Carr

Michelle Carr lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has been part of the leadership team at The Harbour Church, since it’s launch 14 years ago. She currently works for The TamTam Group, as the Accounts Manager. Her passion is to see a generation of intimate lovers of Jesus rise up on the earth.




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